We Are Through!

The spectacular escape of British officers
from a prison camp in Biberach/Riss 1941

Stefan R. Rasser

151 pages with many illustrations, some in colour
ISBN 978-3-87336-774-6

Deutsche Originalausgabe: Wir sind durch!
Wir sind durch! – Gerhard Hess Verlag (gerhard-hess-verlag.de)


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Fascinated by the audacious escape of British officers from a local POW camp in September 1941 through a self-dug tunnel, in 2011 Stefan R. Rasser began researching the circumstances of this stunning endeavour focusing on the participating officers’ lives during World War 2. After years of meticulous investigation, he discovered parts of the tunnel, including its exit.
The exciting story of this discovery, intertwined with some biographies of the protagonists, was published in German in 2020 with the title “Wir sind durch!” (https://www.gerhard-hess-verlag.de/produkt/wir-sind-durch/).

Stefan R. Rasser was born in March 1945 near Chemnitz (Saxony) and grew up in Hannover – at that time part of the British Zone of post-war Germany. After successful completion of his commercial education he decided to gain international experience in direct sales and relocated to Great Britain and later on to Switzerland.
From 1972 on he worked for a reputable subsidiary of Tyco Corporation close to Munich. In 2010 he retired and moved with his wife to her hometown Biberach/Riss – unsuspectingly how far he would be drawn into the history of this small Swabian town.


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