Endless Tears
My work with persecuted people

Hatune Dogan

212 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-87336-769-2
DIN A 5 Klappenbroschüre
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With murder threats—that’s how Hatune Dogan’s refugee story began when she was a child. In this moving account, Sister Hatune reveals to us the threats that her family endured in their homeland in eastern Turkey and what finally prompted them to emigrate eventually to Germany. She reports on the fate of Christian families in the Middle East, their suffering in the face of persecution and repression by Islamist rulers. She takes us on a journey that leads to the abysses of human existence, to the misery of power abuse and oppression. But also how she herself stood by her fellow human beings in such situations. Although she often found herself in seemingly hopeless situations, she always succeeded to help others who were even worse off, giving testimony of her firm faith in God through her deeds. Hatune’s stories of individual fates, but also of the political situation especially in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, which she tries to understand from a historical perspective, should be an invocation to us to once again place humanity and responsibility at the center of our endeavours.