I Believe in Action
On a mission to help refugees from Syria and Iraq

Hatune Dogan

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ISBN 978-3-87336-768-5
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“I believe in action”—this motto, and her unshakable trust in God, runs like a red thread through Sister Hatune’s life. In a movingreport, she describes her calling as a nun, her charity work in India, her endeavours to help the poorest and her interactions with people of all kinds that have been victims of religious persecution and oppression, especially in the Middle East. But she also reports on personal experiences such as a life-threatening car accident and her miraculous recovery that reassured her faith in God. Being a refugee herself allows her to empathize with the individual fate during conversations with many of her counterparts. Having experienced Islamic violence firsthand and spoken with and helped many victims, especially women, of Islamic violence, she also warns of the consequences of Islamization for Europe. “As Christians, we have to take a position. And we have to see the human in others as well as in people of different faiths. The basis for my life is the Gospel of Matthew, ‘Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ I want to convince the world to share this belief with me—and to practice it.”